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Wed, July 25

Time: 10:30 am to 4:00 pm

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Day Rides

Day ride

Day ride to Christmas Hills raspberry farm the long way there ,leaving Meadow Mews car park at 10:30 am sharp . All are welcome to come along cya there .

Mid week day ride

Day ride to Anvers Latrobe, leaving Bunnings at Connector Park at 10:30 am, all welcome to join in .

Mid week day rides

Leaving Bunnings at 10:30am Connector Park for ride to Scottsdale all welcome.

Bridport ride

Day ride to Bridport for lunch , leaving from Meadow Mews car park . Stands up at 10:30,all are welcome to come along and be part of the day.

Black dog ride

Going to be part of the Black Dog ride at Campbell Town to Bicheno ? As a group we heading down at 9:30 am from Meadow Mews car park , will be part of the ride and going on to White Sands resort for lunch . Leaving there we will go through Elephant Pass to St Marys and back to Launceston. Hope to see you there and support a worthy cause.

Ulverstone bike show

Ulverstone bike show on the 11 th Feb leaving from Burt Munro's cafe' at Exeter at 10:00am sharp. All welcome to come along and enjoy the day, see you there .

Ross bike show

Ross bike show ride leaving from Meadow Mews car park at 10 o'clock sharp. All are welcome  to come along, do your own thing  to come home . Cya there.

North West ride

Leaving from Kings Meadows car park, be there by 8:30 for 9:00 o'clock stands up. For a ride to Hellyer Gorge stopping there to regroup and then onto Waratah pub for lunch. All welcome to join the ride and be part of the day.

Convicts to classics

Ride to Woolmers Estate -Longford for Convicts to Classics  car & bike show . Will be leaving from Burt Monro's cafe Exeter at 10:30 via Westbury and other back roads.All are welcome to come along and enjoy the day.

Not sure ride.

Our next ride is leaving from Burt Munroes cafe' at 11:00 am in Exeter, not sure as to what direction but possibly Lilydale way . All are welcome to join , hope to see you there.


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